Published On The Huffington Post!

Writers should get satisfaction simply by engaging in their craft, by producing, in whatever form, a piece of work they can feel proud of.  I’m too narcissistic for that. I need readers. If no one’s reading my writing, well, it just doesn’t feel as much fun. I love the feedback, the interaction, the comments (even if they’re negative) that come from readers…I like to know what others think about the topics I’m writing about.

So, you can imagine I was a bit giddy after I found out that one of the articles that I wrote for was recently published on the Huffington Post. Talk about a chance for more readers to see my writing!

The idea for the article, “Think Outside The Box, Especially When It Comes to Cake,” was sparked by your average trip to the grocery store. While I was bending down to grab a box of baking soda from the baking aisle, I noticed something. Well, besides that I really needed to go back to yoga, (pretty pathetic when just bending down strains your muscles,) I noticed that all of the ingredients for baking were on the bottom shelf by the ground, while the boxed cake, brownie, and cookie mixes and ready-to-go frosting covered the first FOUR eye-level shelves.

What the heck? I thought, “Have we really gotten so far away from baking from scratch? And is it really even that much harder?” I wanted to answer those questions. But, I also wanted to know what was really in those boxes. Were they just those bottom-shelf baking ingredients in a conveniently packaged box, or what else was in there? So I found out.

Please feel free to check out the article and, as always, thanks for reading.

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