5 Ways to Reuse Old Dressers


Craving a space-enhancing island for your kitchen? What about an entertainment center for your living area? Look no further for your furniture needs than a forgotten dresser. With a little do-it-yourself lovin’ you can transform an old dresser into the functional furniture item of your choice.

What more environmentally- and budget-friendly way to acquire your coveted furniture piece than to revamp a dresser you already own? That’s some decorating your eco-self can feel good about. You could also salvage an old dresser from a flea market, thrift store or garage sale—on the cheap.

All it takes to revitalize an old dresser is a little handy work (don’t worry, nothing too complicated). Give that old dresser a complete makeover with these five transformative ideas.

Kitchen Island

Need extra surface space in your kitchen? You can revitalize an old dresser into your newest kitchen unit with just a few tweeks. And it’ll be less expensive than putting in a brand new piece.

Gussy up your old-dresser-turned-kitchen-unit with a fresh coat of non- or low-VOC paint. Then, add some snazzy handles that complement the look you want to achieve—think modern, vintage, funky or classic.

Next, equip your functional new island with a towel holder and some hooks to hang kitchen utensils. You could also attach wheels to the dresser’s legs. Wheels would make for some easy rollin’. Maybe onto the patio to serve summertime drinks?

If you want to deck out your new island even more, attach a piece of granite or a tiled top to the surface of the dresser.

Baby changing table

image: magpie372

Why buy a brand new changing table for your newborn when a dresser can do double duty as a diaper changing area and extra storage? Simply place a pad over the top surface of the dresser to create a changing area. Then you can use the dresser’s drawers to store diapers, wipes, clothes and other baby necessities. A short and squat dresser will work better for this purpose than a vertical one.


Embellish your dining room with a pretty dresser to serve as a buffet. The large surface area on the top of a dresser is perfect for lining up food for the whole clan to grab and then head to the table to eat. When not holding all of your delicious dishes, you can use the dresser’s drawers to hide away placemats, tablecloths, silverware and that dish set you only use for special occasions.

Entertainment Center

Plop down your T.V. on a stylish dresser instead of a cookie cutter entertainment center to add a pop of personality to your living area. Vintage dressers with detailed features, like rounded legs and interesting silhouettes, can serve as functional and stylish means to hold your electronic living room staples.

You could also use the dresser’s drawers to stow away those electronic eyesores—remotes, cables, cords—as well as movies and games.

Room Divider

Need a quick way to quadrant off an area? Use a dresser to section off a large room or an awkward area. Give your dresser some distinction by painting it a smart color or by adding interesting handles.

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top image: ChalonHandmade

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