5 Ways To Decorate With Mismatched Dishes


Who actually wants to be all matchy-matchy anyway, right? Sometimes dishes in a set get broken. Or, you just accumulate random plates, bowls, cups and saucers until you have a random assortment of dishes that you’re not sure what to do with. Make use of those mismatched dishes stashed in the back of your kitchen cupboards by repurposing them with these five ideas.

Funky table setting

Use your mismatched dishware for its intended purpose—but in a different way. Set your table with all mismatched dishes for a dinner party or even for an everyday meal. Using stemware, flatware, chargers and plates from different sets will lend an eclectic feel to your table. The lack of matchy-ness will create a casual atmosphere for dinner guests. Your table setting won’t look so fancy that guests will be nervous to dirty it, but it will still look more gussied up than usual.

If you don’t have mismatched dishes but like the look, scour local secondhand shops for dishes from all different time periods. They don’t need to go together. They just need to look good together. Search out a mixture of dishes that complements your personal style.

Plant holder

Dress up your indoor plants by using your mismatched plates or shallow bowls to sit under houseplants to catch extra water. An attractive plate will add character to your plants and will keep your indoor garden looking decorative, not messy.

Hang em’

Mount mismatched plates on your walls as cheap art. Don’t worry; this isn’t your grandma’s display of plates. Rather than perfect rows of matching plates, hang plates of different sizes in a bunch (sort of like a collage) to create visual interest. Or, fill up a small space in a hallway or in an in-between area by hanging three similar-sized plates in a row vertically.

Jewelry holder

Corral all of your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in one spot with a vintage plate as your jewelry catch-all. Opt for a dish with a delicate design to complement classic jewels, or go for a more retro dish for funky vintage jewelry. Set your one plate or bunch together several smaller plates on a dresser top so you can easily grab that perfect necklace on the way out the door.

Saucer coasters

While saucers actually are coasters, just specifically for mugs, you can use mismatched saucers from your kitchen cabinets or secondhand stores as regular coasters anytime to keep all of your glasses, cups and mugs raised above your surfaces.

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