kirsten_circle_webWelcome to my professional portfolio. I’m Kirsten Hudson.

I’ve worked in corporate communications and marketing roles for the past nine years. My strong writing, organizational, and communications skills have translated to roles managing marketing and publications, including website content, marketing campaigns, email campaigns, e-newsletters, and a print magazine, and handling internal communications. I’ve worked for various industries from the pharmacy to the dairy industry.

What I’m up to now

In my free time, I work as a freelance writer for fun, and I keep up with my own home and lifestyle blog, Red Leaf Style.

My freelance writing background includes clients like, a popular organic living website, VintageKC magazine, a vintage lifestyle magazine inspired by the booming vintage and antique market in Kansas City, and the National Auctioneers Association.

With, I regularly cover natural living topics like home decorating, natural beauty, DIY, gardening, and health. Several of my Organic Authority articles have even been featured on The Huffington Post!

For two years, I regularly contributed to VintageKC magazine, where I wrote feature pieces on homeowners in Kansas City and various mini-features including restaurant reviews. I also contributed to a regular crafting column.

I regularly write for the magazine of the National Auctioneers Association, Auctioneer. As the daughter of an auctioneer, I have a unique insight into the field and I enjoy interviewing auctioneers across the nation for articles.

More about me

I’m always up to something. My other favorite activities include do-it-yourself projects (painting, redoing furniture,) baking, home decorating, crafts, cooking, yoga and traveling.

To find out more about my experience and qualifications, please visit My Work and Résumé pages.