As the Manager of Content Marketing for PBA Health, a small pharmaceutical company, I handle all website content. I’m the also the editor of Elements magazine, a B2B magazine the company produces as a soft marketing asset.

All of the blog posts the company produces fall under Elements magazine at The idea is to provide valuable content to independent pharmacies, while also occasionally advertising PBA Health’s products and services and using the content for lead generation.

I write or direct my team of copywriters to write all content for the website.

Tasks I perform for every blog post include:

  • Research blog post topics
  • Perform keyword research and direct copywriters to write content based on targeted keywords
  • Use Google Keyword Planner to research a target keyword
  • Check blog posts for SEO best practices
  • Edit blog posts to make more engaging and compelling
  • Optimize headlines using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  • Check copy on Grammarly
  • Source on-brand stock photos
  • Publish content to the WordPress content management system
  • Use Yoast SEO plug-in to optimize content

Check out all of the blog posts I produce at

Want to see just one? Here’s one of my favorite blog posts I edited for Elements magazine.

How to Calculate (And Improve!) Your Pharmacy Margins

This blog post consistently ranks as one of the website’s top blog posts every week. I came up with the idea after researching business topics that pharmacy owners would find relevant. And I asked my copywriter to craft a detailed blog post that provides maximum value on a complicated topic. I also optimized it to target the keyword, “pharmacy margins” and gave a plug for one of PBA Health’s services in a subtle way that provides value to the reader.