CN_QfZqUcAEtsS1As the editor of Elements magazine, a business magazine for independent pharmacies published by PBA Health, I’m responsible for the content and quality of the magazine. I also ensure that articles are engaging and informative and fit the magazine’s brand and style.

I served as a contributing writer for the B2B magazine since its inception in June 2012. I also helped plan the concept and mission of the magazine prior to its launch. This included everything from naming the magazine to giving input on the design to setting the departments and the types of content we’d feature.

In September 2014, I was promoted to editor. I now manage two contributing writers and am solely responsible for maintaining the print and online content of the magazine.

My other duties as editor include:

  • Generating article ideas
  • Planning each issue
  • Interviewing expert industry sources, pharmacists, pharmacy owners and other industry insiders
  • Editing and rewriting articles
  • Managing writing staff
  • Collaborating on the layout and appearance of the magazine
  • Proofreading all pages before going to print
  • Assisting writing staff in meeting their deadlines
  • Raising the profile of the magazine in the pharmacy industry
  • Networking at industry events

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If you want to see my work in action, check out all of the back issues of Elements magazine.

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Favorite clips as an editor

As the editor of the magazine, I have to maintain

Pharmacy Expansion
September 2015

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Favorite clips a writer


A Shot at Flu Success
Elements magazine
June 2015

This feature story on flu shots and why  independent community pharmacies need to offer them is one of the best features I’ve written for Elements magazine. It incorporates information from varied sources, including a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy, a director of vaccine sales at a vaccine supplier, two experts at a company that ensures pharmacies comply with vaccine regulations and requirements, and a CEO at a company offering a needle-free vaccine product. I also think the variety of sidebars add interest and encourage readers to dive deeper into the story.