Since March 2011, I’ve worked as a freelance writer for Organic Authority, an organic living online magazine. As a freelance writer, I pitch ideas related to green living and eco-friendly home decorating. I then write multiple articles every week on these topics in Organic Authority’s unique voice. Currently, I’m writing a blog series about home organization and eco-friendly spring cleaning.

I also upload copy and photos to a content management system, research keywords and trending topics for search engine optimization, write search engine optimization-friendly headlines and descriptions and locate high quality photos to use with the articles.

Below is an on-going collection of my work with Organic Authority.


Plant a Container Garden with Old Dresser Drawers

April 18, 2011

This article is one of my favorites that I’ve written so far for Organic Authority.

It accomplished several factors that Organic Authority likes to see in its articles.

First, the topic is a creative idea. Organic Authority likes to publish informed, fun, and often quirky articles. As any writer knows, coming up with story ideas is often more difficult than writing them. The idea for this article came to me while I was writing another article, “4 Ways to Repurpose Old Dresser Drawers.”

Second, this article does a good job of using the Organic Authority voice. Organic Authority likes its articles to show a lot of personality, while being warm and friendly. In this article, I managed to insert myself into the article and also spice up a topic—planting a container garden— that could have easily turned boring.

Finally, this article is based on a succinct topic. Sometimes my article topics can get too broad, which makes them come out really long. At about 300 words, I like that this article gets to the point, but has enough information to interest readers.

View this article as a pdf.

View this article on Organic Authority’s website.


7 Household Items to Convert into Eco-Chic Vases

March 29, 2011

As a repurposing junkie, I loved writing this article. Many people don’t know how to reuse items they already own (or just would never think to) and instead buy new. I enjoy providing creative ideas for people to reuse interesting items as home décor.

I originally started repurposing items to save money when I was growing up, but my interest in reusing items in new ways grew until I now would always choose to repurpose items or buy vintage items to decorate my home over buying something new. Now my home is filled with quirky reused items I’ve salvaged from various places including dining room table inserts as shelves, vases holding kitchen spatulas, vintage suitcases used for storage and empty picture frames as art.

Writing eco-friendly home decorating articles, such as this one, not only lets me share my ideas, but allows me to share them with an audience that may never have seen information like this before. When I started freelancing for Organic Authority, the website had only a few articles on eco-friendly home décor. I love providing information on a topic I adore to Organic Authority’s readers.

View this article as a pdf.

View this article on Organic Authority’s website.


How to Live Without Paper Towels

April 7, 2011

This article does a good job of combining an interesting topic, accurate research, and relatable tips into one informative article.

The topic idea—how to reduce paper towel consumption—is good because Organic Authority readers like topics that they can easily implement in their own lives. They want practical, modern ways to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly.

A bit of research adds credibility to this article and helps readers understand the topic. Just the one fact—that many paper manufacturers use virgin pulp from timber instead of using post-consumer recycled fiber—from the Natural Resources Defense Council, legitimizes the article.

The article wraps up by offering relatable tips. It gives readers simple and doable ways to cut paper towel consumption from their lives in an upbeat and friendly voice.

View this article as a pdf.

View this article on Organic Authority’s website.


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